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  Highlights of AAG 2017, Boston  

China Geography Specialty Group Keynote Session

"Towards a Spatial Analysis of China, Present and Past”

Speaker: Peter Bol

Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages Civilization, Vice Provost for Advances in Learning

Harvard University

  This keynote session was organized by CGSG and co-sponsored by the Asian Geography Specialty Group.  
  Highlights of AAG 2016, San Francisco  

China Geography Specialty Group Keynote Session

"Mapping Chinese Spiritual Capital and Religious Markets”

Speaker: Fenggang Yang

Professor of Sociology and Director of Center on Religion and Chiense Society

Purdue University

  This plenary series was organized by CGSG and co-sponsored by Geography of Religions and Belief Systems group.  
Highlights of AAG 2015, Chicago

China Geography Specialty Group Plenatary Series I & II

"Re-visiting the property state: the cultural relations of homeownership in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and beyond”

Speaker: David F. Ley

Canana Research Chair in Geography

University of British Columbia


“Land rights, water control, and community structure in China’s long-run development: 1400 AD to now”

Speaker: Kenneth Pomeranz

University Professor of History and in the College

University of Chicago

This plenary series was organized by CGSG, cross-sponsored by the Asian Geography Specialty Group, the Urban Geography Specialty Group, the Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group, and the International Research and Scholarly Exchange Committee of the AAG, and supported by the AAG Enrichment Funds.

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